My Business Tips by Tim Shaw April 2008

Your Customer is online now.

A sale is a sale when you are paid! A customer buys your product and that sale for the first time makes your transaction a first with that customer. Repeat sales are a bonus and we have to ask why our customers keep coming back. Supreme service levels? Value for money? Ask your customers and they will tell you. I think locals like doing business with locals and that is another reason for repeat loyalty in your business from customers.

Your business needs to be competitive on a global basis because customers can simply 'google' to get a sense of value and choice and then look for a local sales solution. That's why your website is so important. It can be the first time a customer 'meets' you in the privacy of their home or office and that first 'date' or impression is very important.

What does your prospective customer see about your business currently online? If your web presence is not clear, concise and easy to navigate, prospects can lose interest very quickly and frankly you have lost an opportunity.

My feedback is for you to immediately review your internet presence or messages. As part of a brand building exercise, start looking at your own brand as a start. You can now visit not only but and But Wait There's More coming soon which will incorporate recent and current TV commercial work as well as live streaming broadband television.

My news websites are "global brands" that is not just limited to a Australian registration. Whilst the content is currently the same, you will see that the future is all about personal branding and recognition for who you are which then lets you link to your corporate branding and website. For really good advice on web presence and design visit

The guys at Dreeme are at the cutting edge of web presence and I am pleased to say do a great job hosting my sites. Multiple sites are a must for businesses trying to reach those thousands of googling customers and making it even easier for your customers to do business locally. Please ensure that your websites are clearly advertised on all your marketing material.

If you want some feedback about how you can turn your business into an online TV broadcast opportunity, drop me a line to The future of your business depends on how accessible you are to your prospective customer 24/7. Why not tell your story online using a television format to do it. You will be surprised on how accessible your business becomes to a new customer. If you don’t tell your story effectively, you will not sell your product effectively in the future.

Happy personal brand building and Selling!

Tim Shaw appears as the sales and marketing expert on Kochies Business Builders - Channel 7 from with David Koch 10am on Sunday mornings after Weekend Sunrise .He can diagnose sales and marketing opportunities available for your business today. Tim is available as a keynote speaker for your next sales meeting or conference. Visit or contact Tim directly at

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