My Business Tips by Tim Shaw August 2006

Sales are the key to success!

Your bank looks at your sales and cash flows as a barometer of stability when assessing your business success. Brand, stock at cost are all factors but when it boils down to it sales are king.

Who is the best salesperson in your business? If you are, but you are too busy running everything else but sales, then take a big breath, stop and think. What if you spent the whole of next week selling, would sales increase? If sales increase, does it not follow that you are best placed to be selling and directing the sales team full time?

I speak with business people all the time and they tell me all of the issues that keep them busy in the business. More than half tell me its administrative, human resources, stock sourcing, and of course most say sales are down. I say, get out of the office and sell or work closely with your sales team and support them toward bigger success.

Take your team out of the office and assess each of them on their current performance and their merits. Do you have the right people in the right roles? If not, hire slow the right people to support you and the sales team you want to have in place. If the wrong people are selling your products, get them trained properly or get rid of them. It sounds harsh, but your reality is the bank and your sales projections for 2006 / 2007. That’s what you need to focus on. Building the right back room team is important; they will support your front line sales activities.

Do your competitive analysis of who your competitors are and how you stack up in the top three. If you are not in the top three, ask your customers what you can do to get there. Do you want to be number one sales company in your category or local marketplace? What sales steps need to be taken to achieve that objective?

Build and strengthen sales relationships. These customers are your life blood. Ask not what your customers can do for you but what you can do for your customers, they are very sales person’s ultimate employer. Remember a sale is not a sale until you are paid.

Every business I have owned or run has been predicated on sales per day, week and month analysis, gross profit earned and cash at bank. If you think these three keys toward success need attention today, then lead from the front foot and set yourself some personal sales goals to achieve. Your business will not grow this year without it.

Good Selling
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