My Business Tips by Tim Shaw December 2006

Now, That’s Entertainment DAD

Wow! It’s Christmas 2006 in a minute. Didn’t that come around quickly? So the big question is what the heck do we buy our family members this Christmas. It is so easy to walk into a major store and just grab some more electronic entertainment and pacify the wants of our techno savvy kids. Hold your horses! Dad, it’s time you stepped up to the plate with some novel gift suggestions for your kids. It’s time some smart businesses marketed to the increasing trend of health, fitness and welfare of our kids.

If I ran some of these businesses I am about to mention, I would be offering their products and services for a special 2007 12 month voucher period and hope to reach as many parents as possible in the process. Say no to technology this Christmas for the kids where they are glued to a bloody computer screen and say yes to health and wellbeing, fitness and activity for 2007. The secret is making sure Dad and the kids do it together and give Mum a break. Remember Dad, they’re your kids too!

Merry Christmas – Love Dad 12 golf lessons which Dad and the kids can do together at the local driving range. 12 lessons and games on 10 Pin Bowling with Mum & Dad. White Water rafting at the Penrith Olympic Centre with Dad. 12 mini golf games with Dad on a weekend. 12 personal training family appointments with Dad, Mum & the kids. Bicycles and helmets for the whole family. Bike ride every weekend together. How about12 “introduction to Yoga Basics” vouchers - learn to relax together with no TV!

See where I am going here? At the end of the day, its Mum’s and Dad’s that drive the 4WD through the drive through restaurant, not the kids! Nothing in excess is really bad for you, but one of the things many Australian families fail to do is to entertain themselves together excessively. Now here’s your opportunity.

What I try to do in this column is to let marketers and consumers think a little outside of the square and instead of accepting the same old marketing messages this Christmas which have first influenced your kids “Can I please get a (blank) for Xmas Dad (because the marketing messages have first targeted the children and those with the dough – parents are forced to respond to the desire of the children, turn that around and make having fun together desirable. The closest we ever got in this country was the “life be in it campaign” where the marketing message to “Norm” was get off your bum and enjoy the life you have with your family. So start enjoying it more from this Christmas.

Merry Christmas 2006 to you and your family!

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