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Can an angel help your business grow in 2006?

A large number of small businesses could be bigger small businesses if they stopped thinking they are ‘small’. The federal government says if your business employs less than 50 people and turns over less than $20m you are considered a S.M.E. A small to medium enterprise. However those numbers aren’t too bad are they? How big could your small business be with some strategic guidance, proper capitalization and better sales channels? What price are you prepared to pay for growth? Is it better to have a 100% of your small business or 49% of a much bigger, potentially more successful and profitable small business?

The TV show called the “Dragons Den” aired late 2005 on Channel 7. It assembled a group of wealthy successful business people who had paraded before them an array of nice folk who had an idea for a product and needed seed capital for expansion or were prepared to share the fruits of their intellectual property for a private equity sale of shares. There were some very interesting products, people and importantly great strategic ideas from the panel. It got me thinking about some of our local businesses who manufacture products locally or overseas but lack sales channels or marketing expertise. Or the business that is undercapitalized not allowing purchase of stock to grow sales of the business sufficiently.

So who are you and where are you? You and your accountant know who you are, but like thousands of Australian businesses, we don’t know who you are and what you make. Nor have your current sales channels sufficiently alerted us to how great your product can or might be. Your brand is not top of mind. Now I am not a saint, but I know a few business angels locally who, with the right information might invest in time (and possibly money) in making your small business grow bigger. There are local angels reading this now who want to be part of your success but you don’t know each other.

What are you prepared to give up in return? Give up some or all control for sales growth? If you are genuinely trying to expand your business, you must understand there may be a cost for that sales expansion or operational rationalisation. That cost could even be control of your product or business. You may still run it, however others may guide it. Are you interested to know more?

Speak to your advisors, solicitor, accountant or succession planner. What legacy are you wanting to leave in terms of the success of the business? What is it you really want for your business, other than the satisfaction of knowing it’s yours. Send me a note and we might set up a meeting. To discuss how to grow your business in 2006!

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