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Caveat Emptor for your business

Let the buyer beware: the principle that the seller of a product cannot be held responsible for its quality unless it is guaranteed in a warranty.

This very old saying resonates in 2007. Most sellers offer some forms of warranty but consumers want more. Buyers are becoming very aware of their rights in commerce and are not afraid to exercise them. Privacy laws, unsolicited spam emails without consent, credit card protections are just some of the legislative steps taken by government to protect consumers and advise them of their rights. What steps are you taking in your business to prevent inadvertently breaking the law and breaching a consumer’s confidence in your business? Can you enhance your service to exceed your customer’s legal and warranty expectations?

It is a good time to review with your sales people, and the whole team at work what your obligations are to your customers in law. It’s also a good time to exceed your customer’s expectations and go further with your protections and service regarding the sale. It creates an important point of difference between you and your competitor.
Here are a few tips to start, make a new list of your own and discuss it with your team. Consider extending existing warranties, if your product is really reliable, offer a ‘double warranty’ for say an additional 5% of your purchase price. It’s easy to self underwrite this warranty yourself.

“We make good policy” – Every satisfied customer is a great referral for your business. Consider reviewing all installations on an annual basis. A little touch up here or repair there, with a sign out the front of the property promoting the annual check is an instant advertisement for great service. A lot of fencing and pool contractors use this signage very effective.

Pool cleaners doing a fortnightly clean should have a sign displayed during the time the technician is visiting the property saying. “This swimming pool/spa is currently being professional serviced by Smart Pool Cleaners– for further information or an obligation free pool test, please call mobile number…..

Consumers are more likely to trust your business if their friends use you too. These simple steps are likely to have an immediate impact on your bottom line. Invest a little time and do your due diligence and a little risk management. What’s the worst that can happen to give your customers more confidence in your business? Let me know what you discussed with your team on these and other issues you would like me to review in a forthcoming column

Happy Selling 2007.

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