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My Business Tips by Tim Shaw

Networking towards Success

A really simple way to grow sales in your business is through networking.

What’s networking? Constant contact with people and businesses you meet and preparing information for them to do some business with you. It’s a simple effective way to maximise sales in your business. Afteral customers buy you before they buy your product or service.

When I first started the telecommunications business @ Mona Vale in 1992, I printed a really simple, who, what, where, when and why brochure about me and the business services I offered. The family and I letterboxed those in an ever increasing radius of the store location.

The second important thing to do is tell everyone you have had any contact with in your entire life what you are now doing. I told my mate Dino I had a new mobile phone business. He told a senior partner in his city law firm who wanted personal service and an explanation of how the phone worked, page by page of the user manual. It was a $3000.00 sale. So through that simple networking contact, I sold a product totally outside my geographical area, just through sharing information with a mate. More sales followed. Very profitable sales. This was well before the power of the internet.

Here are some simple steps towards successful networking in 2006 and beyond.

1. Look the part! People buy you before they buy your service. Look professional and well groomed at all times.

2. Offer yourself as a guest speaker at a community service club dinner like Lions or Rotary and tell your personal and business story. Locals love supporting locals. I met a lot of new business operators this way.

3. Join a local surf club or rugby club. Enjoy the sport and sponsor the club. Offer prizes from your business for raffles and charity auctions. Pick your personal charity you support and allocate some time in your week or month to aid their cause. Support them and they will encourage other supporters to support you and your business.

4. Personalise your business card – make your business YOU. I recently did this and the comments from people have been fantastic. Stand out in a crowd!

5. Build a basic website about you – link that website to your business website and vice versa with personal references from your clients and associates – makes you appear as a nice, trustworthy person.

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