My Business Tips by Tim Shaw November 2006

Mum’s the word?

Wow do you realize how powerful Mum’s are to practically every sales process? The Australian economy would not exist without the power of the purchase choices Mum’s make.

The greatest category are of course ‘the grocery buyer’. Hang on, I buy groceries too, but cast an eye around the supermarket and count how many blokes there are, how many are women, and of that group of female shoppers, how many of them have kids – those mum shoppers are a powerful buying force. Can they be a selling force too?

In this climate of ‘outsourcing’ we see many people running sales businesses from home albeit small, but they are still businesses. Part Plan selling, predominantly run by Mums wanting income and maybe a return to the workforce has been enormously successful. Who are their target customers? Other Mum’s of course, that they have met in their kindy, school or mothers groups.

Many Australian businesses forget to market properly to this valuable group and these buyers are never rewarded well for referring good products on to other customers in their contact group.. Don’t think traditional marketing tools will work. It can be too scatter gun and poorly targeted, and not too many Mum’s I know sit and watch day time telly all day, or read every scandal mag you see on the newsagent shelves.

I am working with a fantastic team at the moment to empower Mum’s to be better informed about great products and services that they buy themselves and are comfortable to inform their friends and family about.

Watch out if you mistreat them as customers because bad service tales travel fast on the Mum sales network.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on building brands to influence the buying decisions of predominantly, female grocery buyers. Imagine if you took 10% of that budget and rewarded consumers for sharing good reliable information about their own experiences with the product or service. Testimonial sell within close user networks and Mum’s the word, they are a very powerful group of consumers.
If you want to know more about ways to introduce your products and services in an innovative and cost effective way to this valuable and selective group of consumers, then drop me a line,

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