My Business Tips by Tim Shaw September 2006

Asking questions sells more!

Wow, I made a sale to a new customer today. Yippee. Sales people say this every day. At least I hope they do and of course that’s the idea to grow your smart business. It is so often the case though that we take our eyes off that sale as if we have finished with that customer forever. Not so.

If you provided a good service call that customer and seek a testimonial for the website. If its lousy service you provided, what better way to fix the problem than going to the customer source. Thanking a customer after the sale is mandatory. But asking if there is more that can be done to improve the customers experience is hardly ever done. Customers do not want to fill in a form, they want to be thanked personally for investing in your business. Banks are getting quite good at this on the phone these days.

Even pick up the phone and call the customers from hell. They can end up being an ex- officio brand and business consultant to your business. Imagine if you rang 10 customers today equipped with their last sales transaction record and firstly thanked them for the business, ask them is everything going ok, by the way is there anything more we can do to improve your customer experience, is there someone I can call that you know needs our service provided to them, can I get a testimonial from you now for the website, the questions are simple, just bloody well take the time to ask them.

Your sales can grow this year if you look for a second sales opportunity. If you install a fence for a customer, maybe deliver a new ‘welcome’ front door mat as a gift after purchase. Someone buys a new car, send them some flowers. Your gift with purchase after the sales event is nearly guaranteed to evoke a response, probably a personal call back to you to thank you for your unexpected gift, and when you have them on the phone, ask for another sales lead, or quick survey. Even have a memo typed next to the phone that prompts you to ask the questions then and there.

There is a plethora of ideas waiting for you to explore. Ask your sales team at the next weekly meeting for their ideas and input to this initiative. Please lead by example and test it for yourself. Imagine showing sales people (especially those on incentive bonus or commission) the new business generated by your simple call asking questions and selling more!

Good Selling
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